Sabtu, 02 Juni 2012

The Important English in Education (Pentingnya Bahasa Inggris dalam Pendidikan)

If we talk about "English", we will think much another things, some people say english is easy, english is good languange, english is funny.. But some people also say english is very difficult, just make boring, and  maybe some people ask "Why we must study english? we not in England, we in Indonesia, we not need english.. But, why we must study english?"

I think english is very important for us.. English is very important for our education.. Especially for myself, and then important to the children, to the student, to teacher, and important for we all..
Why I say like that? Because english is languange number 1 in the world, english is international languange.. All people must can speak english well. With english we can speak with people in another country. We can get many friend. If we meet the people from England we can speak English well without afraid get wrong or mistake..

In education, english also very important for our future.. Because with English we can easy to get the good job. Because, now in Indonesia very much company need the people with the good English ability. And maybe with our english ability we can get university or the good job in the abroad. It's our dream, right?

So, because that many school in Indonesia very care with English subject.. They are want their student can speak English very well. The example MAN Taluk kuantan - Riau, they have big project in English, they have special program in English..
You know Pare Village? Yes, Pare is the Village of English, many people come to there just for learn English, for improve their ability.. Like MAN 1 Taluk Kuantan, they send around 100 student to go to Pare, they send the student to improve their ability in English, to get the experience about English in Pare.. And I think this is very good program..

Hmm, Another example, we look at MAN 1 Pekanbaru - Riau, MAN 1 Pekanbaru also have special program in English, the name of the program is "A month intensive english training".. This program familiar with program MAN Taluk Kuantan.. But MAN 1 Pekanbaru not send they student to learn in Pare.. Mr. Cholid as Waka Curriculum want move Pare to MAN 1 Pekanbaru, he want MAN 1 Pekanbaru become like Pare village who all member of MAN 1 Pekanbaru can speak English very well like in Pare.. And I think this is also very good program, because can improve the student's ability in english :)

Okay, I want take one example again..
You know about Miss Indonesia contest, right? In that contest the people who want to follow that program must can to speak English.. If they just beautiful, smart, creative, but can't speak English they can't to follow this program..

Hmm.. Okay..
That just the example from me, we still have many reason Why English is very important in Education..
So, let's improve our english..
I believe, we can do it.. We can speak english well :)

#Just my opinion

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